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On Monday, June 14th, 2021, the communities in Baltimore, Durham, Denver, Oakland, and NYC will gather for a Keep it Fresh Day fest. June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month so get ready to Keep It Fresh! Celebrate, create, and load up your cups and plates with plant-based meals and beverages full of fresh fruits and vegetables. The Black Veg Society of Maryland, Vita Earth Foundation, and the Plant-Based Network plan to deliver a whole bunch of freshness through its multi-city virtual fest!

The Keep It Fresh Day fest will spotlight the most influential people and restaurants in Denver, CO, Baltimore, MD, Durham, NC, Oakland, CA, and NYC, and more, using plant-based food as a way of advocating for healthy eating, climate change, and animal rights. The free virtual fest program will include plant-based culinary art demos, organic gardening tips, music videos, environmental actions, a panel discussion, and keynote speaker, Koya Webb. Dr. Ietef “DJ Cavem” Vita (www.chefietef.com) put in motion Keep it Fresh Day in 2011 and it officially became a day in Denver in 2014, and in Baltimore, the Mayor recognized Keep it Fresh Day in 2017. We learn more about why this matters so much to Dr. Ietef Vita, a.k.a. DJ Cavem, "I grew up in the five points, breathing in polluted air from local factories. Fresh water has always been an issue, and the freshest thing in my neighborhood was a lemon in a liquor store. I'm really excited that other cities are down with the movement, and my goal is to make this a national day."

Naijha Wright-Brown, Executive Director of the Black Veg Society of Maryland states, "The mission of the Black Veg Society of Maryland is to meet people where they are on their plant-based and vegan journey. Our organization literally does this by reaching out to select physical spaces, one's individual mental space, and now, more than ever, virtual spaces. The summer season is near and we want folks to be educated about the importance of keeping it fresh on their plates, in their cups, and their whole mind, body, and spirit."

What’s different? This isn’t your typical in-person event. Each city will showcase local vendors/people focusing on people of color and their businesses and host special events and activities, which you can learn more about at keepitfresh.org. Several organizations are taking the lead in each city including the Black Veg Society of Maryland (Baltimore, MD), Triangle Vegfest (Durham, NC), and Vita Earth Foundation (Denver, CO). In addition, the Plant-Based Network will be airing all of the interviews with local vendors, as well as live reports from each city, via its PBNet TV app available for free on iOS, Androids, Roku TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire at www.plantbasedapp.com. According to Ronnie ‘Tsunami’ Gandiza, CEO of the Plant-Based Network, “We wanted to bring awareness of some of the great solutions cities have for bringing healthier and more sustainable food to communities of color, as well as demonstrate how other cities and organizations can keep it fresh too.”

This is a free event for everyone, donations accepted in each city. Please come ready to eat and support all the vendors who are being highlighted and remember to Keep It Fresh!

On Your Plate In


I grew up in the five points, breathing in polluted air from local factories. Fresh water has always been an issue, and the freshest thing in my neighborhood was a lemon in a liquor store. I’m really excited that other cities like Baltimore are down with the movement, and my goal is to make Keep It Fresh Day a national day.

Dr. Ietef Vita, a.k.a. DJ Cavem

The Day

June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month: https://nationaltoday.com/national-fresh-fruit-and-vegetables-month/

Keep It Fresh is a campaign for all especially youth. Special thanks to Dr. Ietef “DJ Cavem” Vita. This year’s Keep It Fresh Fest will highlight plant-based culinary arts, organic gardening, music, and environmental actions featuring vegan restaurant interviews, cooking demos, a live panel discussion, and music video screenings.

Keep It Fresh Day is a Culinary Climate Action day, founded by Green For All fellow Dr. Ietef Vita on June 14th. By proclamation of the Mayor of Denver, Colorado, June 14 was officially recognized as Keep It Fresh Day.

How do you keep it fresh?

Featured Speakers

DJ Cavem

Alkemia Earth

Naijha Wright-Brown

Koya Webb

Nil Zacharias

Gary Whitaker

Bryant Terry

Gregory Brown

Helene Greenberg

RA Yoseph

Ronnie Tsunami

Carrie Berry

Crystal Forman

Keep It Fresh Fest 2021

Keep It Fresh Fest 2021

Keep It Fresh Fest 2021

Keep It Fresh Day, Keep It Plant Based

Participating Organizations and Businesses

Break Dance

Keep It Fresh Day celebrates b-boys and b-girls with break dance battles


Each year Keep It Fresh Day awards those making a difference in their communities

Fresh Food

Keep It Fresh Day provides access to fresh, plant-based food


Post Your Plate with a photo to social and #KeepItFreshDay for a chance to win


From Gangs To Gardens | Co-Produced by M-1 of Dead Prez

Keep It Fresh Day Award Winners

Where's Your Keep It Fresh Day?

Keep It Fresh Day Post Your Plate

Keeping It Fresh

Everyone everywhere can celebrate Keep It Fresh Day

Find an event near you or let us know if you’re planning one. Focus for Keep It Fresh Day events is on healthy living, vegan and live foods, organic gardening, environmental action, and art and education on any of these topics.

Join the movement and show your support with #KeepItFreshDay on social. Hit up the farmer’s market, try a new recipe, post your plate and tag us @KeepItFreshDay

Keep It Fresh Day - Post Your Plate

Young Watermelon Salad Recipe

Keep It Fresh Day Watermelon Salad


  • 1 small watermelon
  • 1/2 c fresh mint leaves, chopped
  • 2 c. swiss chard, chopped
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 1 c. sunflower sprouts (if you’re down)
  • sea salt and pepper to taste (optional)

The Method:

Imagine yo’ watermelon is the planet earth. Find where the equator would be. Please tell me you know where the equator is. Cut along the equator.

Now, scoop out the watermelon so that there is just an empty rind. Set it aside. This will be your salad bowl. Dope right!?

Ok, now chop up that watermelon, and if you’re really bout it, save a few of those black seeds and plant some of your own so you can eat watermelon for free! Put the chopped watermelon back in your bowl.

Now, take all that yummy mint you chopped up, and that swiss chard, and your lime juice and add that to your watermelon. Toss, and add a little sea salt and pepper if you want.

Get creative and add other elements to this, like different herbs and spices. Try different lettuce options like romain, or kale.

You are the artist, make your food look beautiful, and taste bomb!

How To Keep It Fresh


Join us on social media by posting your plate of fresh, plant-based food. Use #keepitfreshday and tag us @keepitfreshday

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